A list of different ways to make money online

In this short general informative article I’m going to mention just the headlines of methods that you can use to make money online, remember this is not a detailed article, this is written to people who are totally new to this field “making money online”, this article is like a definition of “how to make money online”.

1- Creating a free or paid website and put affiliate links and contextual advertisements.
2- Sharing affiliate links on forums and social media networks. this method does not require a website.
3- Building a mailing list by collecting emails. its called email marketing.
4- By domaining. it consists simply to buy domain names and try to resell them for a profit, you can buy domains either by hand registering them or purchase already registered domain names from their owners.
5- Selling items. this simply consists to sell items and goods on marketplaces online.
6- Cryptocurrencies mining or trading.
7- Logos and graphics design. there’s a lot of specialized websites for this, but you have to be a skilled designer first.
8- Freelancing. it’s just simply by doing whatever you are skilled at and can be delivered online. examples: articles writing, translating, editing photos… well any kind of thing that can be delivered online.
9- Joining PTC and rewards websites. there is a lot of this kind of websites that pay you by completing surveys, visiting links, and signing up for trials… but be aware of scams and phishing websites and make sure to verify the website before joining (a little googling will do the job).
10- Selling photos online. you’ll need only a DSLR camera and some art skills take the maximum photos you can upload them and wait for the payments.
11- Blogging. everyone in this world has a hobby! well blogging is putting whatever you know and you are into in articles, that’s called blogging, you don’t need to be a programmer to make a blog and it’s also free. then you can put affiliate links and advertisements to monetize it.
12- Making videos on Youtube. or vlogging, it’s just like blogging in an audio/visual way.

Conclusion: to be honest there’s no easy way out there to make money online, it takes too much effort and patience, so be patient and make sure that whatever you are doing you are enjoying it and the compensation will come later naturally.

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