How to enter contests that are not open to your country

Hello Contestsky visitors, I hope you doing well, in this article I’m going to show you how to enter contests and giveaways that are not open to your region. well if you win you will end up paying the shipping fee but who cares if the prize is the latest Xbox, Playstation or iPhone 😉 anyways here’s is how to proceed, thanks to mail forwarders services (a website that offers you a free mailing address so you can use as your own address and when the package arrives there they will transfer it back to you for a charge) you can participate in almost all contests and giveaways using a mail forwarder, here’s is a list of some of the best mail forwarders services that offer free registration (you only pay when you receive a package) and next to it the location of their addresses : USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Canada and more USA UK & USA Canada Australia USA USA Netherlands UK USA

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