How to tell if a sweepstake it’s legit or not

One of the important things that you must know before entering a sweepstake, is to know if it’s legit or it’s just a scam!
I’m going to mention some factors that indicate if the sweepstake you about to enter is legit.

1- The page where is the contest is held is SSL secured, it’s easy to verify, just look at the web URL in the web address bar it must start with an “https://” instead of “http://”.

2- The sweepstake holder shows the names of some of the recent winners with some sort of proof (if has already launched contests in the past).

3- The website does not use pop up advertisements. this is a poor intensive form of advertising used often by scamming & illegal websites, sometimes it can indicate that the website has been hacked too.

4- The contest page has a legit seeming photo or video of the actual prize if it’s a physical object, and not a digital one (like a coupon code number, or a web service for example).

5- The website asks you for sensitive details such as credit card informations or passwords, this is an alarming red flag! you should never give away such pieces of information to enter sweepstakes, it must be a phishing website.

6- The contest details and rules are reasonable, clear and very well written.

7- The website design is good, if it’s a legit website its design must be good with no displaying errors, scammers often use websites pages created on the go that are full of displaying errors.

8- The contest holder can afford the prize. a simple blogger can never offer a car as the prize, and a YouTuber with 30 subscribers cant give away an iPhone. I’m not saying 100%, but if this happened it’s alarming.

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