Top greatest giveaway ideas to launch a successful giveaway

In this short report, I’m going to talk about the best giveaways ideas including the value of the prize, the kind of the giveaway prize (the rewards that you are going to give), the giveaway concept (the rules of the giveaway, steps for the entry).

The value of the giveaway prize: well, one thing that is clear the higher the value is the better results you’ll get, example; a contest that is offering 2 of the latest iPhones will get far more exposure than one that is offering a $10 Amazon gift card, so try to be generous with your visitors as possible as you can afford.

Giveaway prizes ideas: gift cards(Amazon gift cards,eBay gift cards, Walmart gift cards,Walgreen gift cards…), smartphones (iPhones, Samsung phones,LG,Huawei, OPPO, XIAOMI…), smartwatches, PayPal money payment, tech gadgets (quality earphones and headphones,Bluetooth devices, gaming keyboards and mouses), watches, mp3 players, collectibles, TV’s, laptops, original clothes…

The concept of the giveaway: somewhere i read in the past “keep it stupid and simple” in my opinion that saying has a lot to do with what steps are you gonna require the participants to do, don’t ask people to do a 20 tasks to enter, time is precious and people always looking for the easiest and simplest way. instead, be reasonable and ask only for the completion of a few steps. try to shorten the period of participation if you are afraid of the number of participants (too low) then set a minimum number of entrants, as a rule, example: the number of participants must be at least 400 for the contest to be active otherwise the period of the contest will be extended.

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