What is an instant win game and how to find it

An instant win game or sweepstake is a form of immediate contest in which is the concept is to win a reward instantly without drawing after doing a step for example (entering your email, scratch a card, complete a survey, or follow at a social media account…) then it will ask you to click on a button to see if you have won immediately something or not.
There are a lot of websites that offer these types of contests to their visitors but beware of scams, many of them are just scamming and trying to collect your email or trick you to complete a referral offer so they can make money taking advantage of you.
Here are some synonyms related to the phrase “instant win” to help you find them at search engines:
1- instant rewards
2- instant win games
3- instant win sweepstakes
4- instant wins
5- instant win giveaways
6- games you can win real money
7- play to win
8- money winning games
9- prizes for games
10- win money playing games
11- instant win contests
12- instant win competitions
13- online games and sweepstakes

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