On this page, you’ll find frequently asked questions.

Q: Does Contestsky.com hold contests or just lists external ones?
A: It is both! sometimes visitors want to share contests at Contestsky.com, & sometimes Contestsky.com itself launches contests for its loyal visitors!

Q: A contest has been expired but it still on the website, why?
A: Contestsky.com does not delete immediately every contest page after it expires, some of them may keep listed on the site for a while instead Contestsky.com will replace the contest expiry date by a clear message in red color saying that the contest has been expired! why? because of some internal learning purposes!

Q: Who is the host of the contests being listed at Contestsky.com?
A: There is 3 kind of contests listed at the website:
1– Contest shared from everywhere on the web: this is the type of contests hosted elsewhere but being shared freely on the website.
2– Sponsored contests: those are contests sponsored contests by third parties.
3– Official contests: those are contests launched and managed by the site itself & sometimes sponsored by third parties.

Q: Does Contestsky.com accept automatically any contest posted on the website?
A: All contests submitted to the website has to meet certain quality standards to be approved. scams, gambling, guns, drugs, affiliate links, and adult related contests and giveaways will be rejected.

Q: What are the criteria of contests listed on the website?
A: All contests listed on the website must:
– Have at least one free entry method
– Entry can be done online
– Entry is simple with no special skills required like designing, singing, etc…