Thank me by a quick action & win a $100 value prize

You like the website & want to thank me!? Here is how you can do it from time to time:

#1– Visit this Link & click “DOWNLOAD”, you will be asked to complete a free offer (it can be a survey, a quiz, an offer… ) i get a tiny commission for every offer completed (you’ll be redirected to a page where you can download an amazing picture + the giveaway daily code)
#2– Send any amount via PayPal to: paypal★ (replace the “★” with an “@”).
#3– Share or follow my social media accounts (links at the top).
#4– Put a link to the website on your own site/blog.
#5– Visit my sponsors via the banners (right / below) & check their free offers

● $100 value Giveaway (Worldwide): (Actions involved: #1,#2,#3,#4)
To enter the $100 value giveaway, after doing one or more actions, reply with a comment below along with the action details, examples;
(for action #1: comment with the 8 characters daily giveaway code)
(for action #3: if you followed comment with your username & social network, if you shared, comment with the post link)
● Action completed / Number of Entries / Frequency:
– Action #1 | 20 entries/$1 sent | (daily)
– Action #2 | 20 entries | (daily)
– Action #3 | 10 entries | (daily)
– Action #4 | 20 entries | (once)
● For Every 100 actions (#1 & #2) i will pick a participant randomly & announce it here!
● Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card / $100 Google Play Gift Card / $100 via PayPal …
● You can enter daily! Good luck to you all!

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